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Vent Slots for Doors and Parts

Vent Slots for Doors and Parts


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The ‘Vent Slots‘ Package from Solid Setup allows you to add a series of vent routes to parts and slab type doors via attribute, quickly and easily.

  • Two sets of slots can be added to each part.
  • The following settings can be used to control the Vent slots:
  • Length
  • Width
  • Spacing
  • Quantity
  • Rotation – Horizontal or Vertical
  • X and Y starting position
  • Depth of slots
  • Front or Back Face of part (for non-thru slots)

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

The Packages provided are for Version 9 - Version 11 - and Version 12.

For older versions please contact us.

User Guide

Download VENTSLOTS User Guide


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