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This Package adds a Assembly Drilling Intellijoints with full attribute control to Cabinet Vision Solid. ($POA)

  • Please read the User Guide and watch the videos for more information on what this package does.
  • At the Room level, choose from two drop down lists, which fittings will be used to join your cabinet parts together, and your finished parts seperately.
  • You can choose from Screws, Dowells, Cams or your own user defined fittings.
  • Fastenlink can also be added by upgrading to SOLIDJOIN ADVANCED
  • Use the two Cabinet Attributes to override the Room settings if required.
  • Use attributes on the parts to edit the fittings on every edge of the part where needed. Shaped parts can have up to 20 edges controlled.
  • Mortice & Tenon, and full dadoes are also included.
  • Mix and match differnt fitting method for different parts.
  • Configuration is easy and not dependant on construction method.
  • Works very well for Closet construction too.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

Version 9 - Version 11 - and Version 12.

User Guide