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Shelf Pin Notches
Shelf Support Notches or Lug Holes

Shelf Support Notches or Lug Holes




Shelf Support Notches or Lug Holes User Guide

  •  This package from Solid Setup adds Shelf supports to adjustable shelves when “Bore only required holes” is selected.
  • It also adds Notches or lug holes in the bottom face of the shelf if required.
  • For reporting purposes you can choose “Plastic, Steel or Brass” pins.
  • The pins are displayed graphically under the shelf.
  • The default notch and lug hole sizes and positions are controlled by UCS Public Variables.
  • A Room note or attribute is used to activate the support types.
  • The support types can be altered or switched off per shelf via attribute.
  • For Version 7R2, 8 and 9                   
  • This package also works for any extra linebores added by our ASHSTD and ASHSHP packages and also works for the shaped shelves added by our SHFSHPED package.
  • It does NOT work for “Bore all holes” or “Bore by opening” or with our Full lineboring ASHLBORE package.


Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

The Packages provided are for Version 9 - Version 11 - and Version 12.

For older versions please contact us.

User Guide

Download Shelf Support Notches or Lug Holes User Guide


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