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Round Rods + Oval Brackets

Round Rods + Oval Brackets




RODRNDO User Guide

  • The ‘Round Hanging Rods + Oval Brackets Package’ from Solid Setup adds 18 & 25mm Round hanging rods with Oval brackets to Cabinet Vision Solid.
  • It provides drilling for the brackets in the cabinet parts for CNC output.
  • It also adds 3d graphics for the rods and brackets etc.
  • It does not require the cabinet to be a closet in order to work.
  • It does not use the ‘Rod’ type material class available only to closet users.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

The Packages provided are for Version 9 - Version 11 - and Version 12.

For older versions please contact us.

User Guide

RODRNDO User Guide


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