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Nikpol DTC Dragonpro Drawers

Nikpol DTC Dragonpro Drawers




The ‘Nikpol DTC Dragonpro Drawers’ from Solid Setup adds the Nikpol DTC Dragonpro Drawers to Cabinet Vision Solid V11 ,12 or CV2021.

  • Drawers are silk white or matt black 40kg
  • Heights provided are N80 - M95 - B127 - D178 - F238
  • Depths are 300,350,400,450,500,550,600
  • This package provides drilling for the drawer box parts, the cabinet ends and the drawer front for CNC output.
  • It also adds 3d graphics for the drawer sides, runners, and brackets etc.
  • The Rollout parts, and Galleries etc. are added as a separate parts and materials for reporting purposes.
  • A second Rollout type for utilizing wooden fronts instead of metal fronts is provided.
  • All material descriptions contain the order number after the # symbol.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

The Packages provided are for Version 11 - and Version 12. and CV2021



Please refer to the user guide in the description tab.


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