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Product Description

This Package adds a Assembly Drilling Intellijoints with full attribute control to Cabinet Vision Solid Version 9.

  • Please read the User Guide and watch the videos for more information on what this package does.
  • At the Room level, choose from two drop down lists, which fittings will be used to join your cabinet parts together, and your finished parts seperately.
  • You can choose from Screws, Dowells, Cams or your own user defined fittings.
  • Includes FASTENLINK with its NC converter which has an additional annual licence fee of AU$200 per PC
  • Use the two Cabinet Attributes to override the Room settings if required.
  • Use attributes on the parts to edit the fittings on every edge of the part where needed. Shaped parts can have up to 20 edges controlled.
  • Mortice & Tenon, and full dadoes are also included.
  • Mix and match differnt fitting method for different parts.
  • Configuration is easy and not dependant on construction method.
  • Works very well for Closet construction too.
  • REQUIRES build 165 or later of Version 9 and the NC Center
  • Some post processors may need editing (please contact us prior to purchase to discuss you post processor requirements)
  • The FASTENLINK converter is an exe file which will be sent to you seperately to the SOLIDJOIN download. One of our technicians may need to log in and install this for you.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

Version 9 Build 165 onwards only and Version 10 and 11

User Guide

Download SOLIDJOIN User Guide