Artia Double Wall
Artia Double Wall Drawer System

Artia Double Wall Drawer System



Product Description

This Package adds the Artia Double Wall drawers and inner drawers to Cabinet Vision Solid.

(Please read the User Guide above for detailed information)

  • It provides drilling for the drawer box parts, the cabinet ends and the drawer front for CNC output.
  • It also adds 3d graphics for the drawer sides, runners, galleries and brackets etc.
  • The gallerys and brackets etc are added as a separate parts and materials for reporting purposes.
  • All material descriptions contain the Artia order number after the # symbol.
  • Side Panels or double galleries can be added via attribute for 199-Height drawers.

Product is available for these Cabinet Vision Versions:

V8 package is for versions 7R2 and 8.

Please refer to the user guide in the description tab.


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